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Inform, Review, Administrate

Our cloud assisted system makes the motivation, review, approval and administration of ethics, compliance and regulatory processes efficient and seamless.


Set up with your logo, questionaires and workflow.

Cloud based

Work in a browser on anything anywhere while we maintain your system. Continuous improvement without upgrades and hassle.


Apply, collaborate, review, approve and administer in one integrated online system.

The process

We work with you to customise the system to your requirements and train your people to use the system. Once you have registered users and set up different roles with our help, you are ready to go.  The system is intuitive and easy to use and we are just a call away if you need help.

Apply and motivate

The forms adapt according to the answers given, increasing productivity.

Each application has a summary view allowing users to edit and submit their application, upload appendices, make amendments, view decisions and manage collaborators.


Reviewers can view applications and their appendices and compose a review before submitting it online.


Decisionmakers can assign reviewers, view applications, view reviews, compose decisions and notify users and funding administrators via automated emails


Administrators can manage users, manage applications and generate reports.